Our Services:

With a production capacity of 10,000 meals per day,


has spread its scope of work over several market segments in the local market
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The Management Team:

The founders of SEMIRAMIS CATERING. Have already identified and invested in talented and diverse management team to run the company. The executive management team includes personnel who have a combined professional experience exceeding 100 years of the food, beverage and catering Industries.

The executive management team consists of highly qualified professionals from around the globe with a proven record of accomplishment in the Food & Beverage Industry and they have taken the responsibility to execute projects and provide professional catering services expertise and passion they direct the business in key areas including business development, strategic planning, Sales & Marketing, human resources, and Operations Management.


Market Integration:



we focus on creating brand awareness and encouraging brand loyalty. Our banqueting department dedicates its efforts in delivering our promises to our clients at attractive offers in order to further the company's next of long term.
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Manufacture Energy Capacity:

Kitchen supported with best Equipment's & Tools to meet all requisitions to produce more than 30,000 (Thirty Thousand per day) with same quality level. SEMIRAMIS CATERING has big Manufacturer of all kind of Cup Cakes & Coffee Exclusive Franchised into Kuwait high Qualities of Cakes Products long Contract with USA ARMY Forces, And Process to open more Branches of The Marie’s Cup Cakes &Coffee Brand.

Chefs Team:

Company Contracted With qualified chefs into food cooking field different category. (Kuwaiti- East Gulf – International – East Asia- USA & South Asian) long experienced certified in F & B.

Pastry Kitchen Has Experienced Pastry Chef Long Experience Hotels Field and Hospitality.

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A total gross of space 3000 MT2 divided as following:

• Deluxe show room 250 MT2

• Banquet & Centre kitchen area 1500 MT2

• Equipment warehouse 1000 MT2

• Delivery trucks 84 for delivery.

• Two (2) staff buses.

• Outdoor sales executives’ cars.

• Twelve (12) storage area frozen & chiller rooms with a total of 600 MT2

• The center supported with central air condition

• Delivery area with ramp has 2 exit sides one for banquet exit & second for contractor exit.

Show Room supported with ready display monitors and sales Banquet office & reception area for customer services & point of sales.

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is a professional caterer for wedding social, corporate, and government events as well as a certified caterer for public & private catering tenders. Our services range from the private intimate events to corporate and governmental tenders including man power and labor solutions.

We at


are in a unique position to create steady & continuous growth in the local market as we focus on the needs of our client through a professional and experienced team of over 200 members. We are passionate about our product and are dedicated to providing our client base with high quality & memorable experiences as well as developing and maintaining permanent working relationships and partnerships.

The Company became a main sponsored to a lot of government projects investment and supported hospitality service and the modern equipment tools plus the Company.


has a lot Fixed & Non - Fixed assets that’s reason the Company became one of Big Food Catering into Kuwait Market. Management of Company makes sure to hiring and tracked a qualified high skilled employee for investment total team work around 600 employee different Specialist different nationalities.

The company makes sure to select up to hiring the trained employees which has abilities and skills required – high experienced employees – planned skills and certified employee.

The one of spirit team makes company booked a place between a lot of different challenges and competitions. Also, the company makes sure to satisfied all guest & customers choices & different flavors of them and different requires up to events. Arrange for any event needs to hold meeting with customer to define through it for his requirements. Which effect at all details' related food and decorated it and served choice including all outside catering special events although the company has deals with governments to collection of food meals unlimited quantities and private events.

According to quality international standards which gives company customers six options of set-up or created taste required to satisfied customers. Company has separated department of events setup and decorations reservation.

That’s why we found manufacture going quick direct into high level makes decision makers, to keep develop in short time and keep customers satisfied and their trust to SEMIRAMIS CATERING Central Kitchen joining a lot of different nationalities of chefs to divided kitchen to different sectors every kitchen branch has each food sector, International food sector – cold salad sector – BBQ Sector, Hot Food Kitchen, Pastry Sector and separated bakery for every branch.

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Chefs and asset labors in kitchen area get training course in decoration choices working 24 hours to coverage requirements.

Expectation, in VIP & private event customer can choose equipment and tools serving plates colors – shapes- table clothes colors - show option – coordinate with organize in charge of buffet or event.

Outside team container of truck driver – one in charge – 2 waiters also can provide female waitress. Hiring employees with training and increase their skills to avoided mistakes and accidents.

Company makes sure to use quality international standards to reach the target co start with employee in manufacture and kitchen in general using hygienic and satisfaction processors. which effect into quality of food and taste and serving with using food defense & safety management system that’s why gets a (HACCP) certificate? ISO certificate from since started also using high quality material

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SEMIRAMIS CATERING main office in France, regionals office is locating in Kuwait fallow up the operations in these regions with the excellence experienced staff to meet the expending venture in various projects specially in Kuwait, SEMIRAMIS CATERING is the name of brand, where our Prime Customers to feel Pride & honor to have such us business partner.


  • Excellence –
  • The belief in continuous improvement as well as proper delivery each and every time.

  • Quality –
  • The foundation stone of our work philosophy both in our internal organization & in our delivered products & services.

  • Integrity –
  • Truthfulness in all our business undertakings beyond reproach.

  • Trust –
  • uphold open lines of communication in which opinions and points of view are expressed without prejudice.

  • Respect –
  • Valuing and appreciating individuality despite cultural and racial diversity.

  • Health, Safety & Environmental awareness –
  • are of great importance to as a member of French catering services and we aim to provide a safe and healthy work environment. We encourage safe working practice between all our team members.
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    While rating in the food service industry traditionally peak at five stars. We set out to be a “Seven Stars” catering company. Each represents one of our Seven Key Brand attributes. The central tenets of our governing philosophy.

    To become the premiere upscale event catering service in Kuwait. providing “Seven Star “service at competitive prices.



    We don’t believe in cutting corners. It’s that simple. Each client receives the freshest, highest-quality food and most impeccable service before, during, and after the event or contract. Attention to details (from the temperature of each appetizer to the color Platte of the deserts) is what sets us apart.


    The word “taste “has three meanings: the primary sense by which we experience food: personal preference; and refined sensibility, each of these is equally relevant to our business Of course our food is sensational; so; too; is both our sensitivity to clients’ preferences. Our ability to curate a world-class experience.


    First impression. That’s why every aspect of our business is visually stunning-event or contracts those that aren’t client-facing. We see food displays, business card and uniforms not as tools of the trade, but as canvasses for artistic expression and vehicles to bring dreams to life.


    “Service “is about more the serving. It's a mindset and an attitude, one that permeates our culture from the delivery men to the CEO. Service means listening carefully, working enthusiastically, and going above and beyond to create an exceptional experience for our clients. Meeting expectations is not enough. We must exceed them, every time.


    We create experiences worthy of royalty but do so with the means of our clients and while striving for greatness. we recognize our own flaws and strive to learn and improve from every opportunity.


    Our brand and name is about loving food, people and the events and experiences that bring them together. Our passion for what we do overflows into our work and our brand.


    We never lose sight of the elements of joy in what we do. The creation of contractors, the furthering economic causes the milestone in both, life and boniness of celebrations and exists to magnify delight. We live and breathe our motto and goal to Create Joyous memories though out all contracts.


    With a production capacity of 10,000 meals per day. SEMIRAMIS CATERING has spread its scope of work over several market segments in the local market.

    Labor Accommodation Services:

    li>Accommodation Locations all over Kuwait.
  • Labor Transportation.
  • Daily Meals catering.
  • Laundry Services.
  • Banqueting Services:

  • Wedding
  • Social Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Governments Events
  • Tendering Services:

    • Public Institution Catering

    Contracts Services:

    Long Term Private Institution Catering


    Health & Safety environment awareness are of great importance for SEMIRAMIS CATERING as part of French & Arabic catering. We aim to provide a safe and healthy work environment. We encourage safe working practice between all our team members. SEMIRAMIS CATERING to promote Food Safety Awareness. Even at young age with target of "0" tolerance in any kind of deviations. We were able to acquire Safety Standards ISO 22000, which is consider one of the highest quality certifications for the food and beverage industry comprising within it.

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    SEMIRAMIS CATERING past & present performance demonstrates its ability to perform work similar in size and scope of this project, we feel that the past & present performance information presented in this volume is demonstrative of our capacity and offers the client a low risk choice for contract award. With that being said, we are offering past & present performance information to help exhibit our superior performance in the assigned roles. The contracts described in this volume serve as a concrete evidence of our exemplary previous performance and as a gauge to assist the client in determining our current capabilities. For ease of description, we have included the requested details of each contract submitted for your review in a spreadsheet format submitted over several pages.

    The highlights of our experience include managing and operating dining facilities that served well over 10,000 per meal as well as contractor personnel. Moreover, we have operated as many as fourteen Catering services in Kuwait concurrently (as illustrated below) and as many as eleven in concurrently. We have been responsible for non-contractor furnished facilities, construction services in order to deliver not only the full food service but also the dining facility itself & Full life support service. We have routinely incorporated incumbent personnel and equipment when directed to, and also provided the best in industry personnel management